Want to build your career in one of the world’s well-developed industries, which is the automobile industry? Are you trying to find a suitable way to get into this sector? Well, we have something for you that can help to avail the best way to pursue career in automobile industry.

There is no doubt that people who are working or associated with the automobile industry are passionate about cars and by keeping themselves attached with this trend, they are fulfilling their dream. In this article, we will talk about what is the best way to get into the automobile industry and how the industry will help you to shape your professional career.

What Kind of Job Profiles are Available in this Industry

You will definitely find yourself among thousands of cars while working for any automobile industry. However, several job roles are associated with car manufacturing industry and you have to choose a specific one, since you cannot do job in all the fields. However, you can choose your field in departments like manufacturing, design, operation or sales.

Take Apprenticeship for Gaining Experience

If you have completed your engineering or any relevant course that is needed in automobile industry, then you should try to find the opportunity to take an apprenticeship at a popular automobile organization. For example, you can join a local organization that deals with salvaged cars for sale.

Most of major carmakers offer apprenticeship for newly passed out students so that they can avail some experience in this industry. You can consider your apprenticeship as a training period, which will also offer you money.

Reputed automobile manufacturers always pay their apprentice so that they can enjoy the period of their training with full esteem. Car manufacturing companies allow their apprentice to learn practical skills and put them on workshops so that they can have some real experience in this field.

However, structure training will be offered either on-job or off the job at some registered training organization and at the end of such training period, you will be able to get nationally recognized qualification. However, the apprenticeship period normally goes for near about 3 to 4 years while the training period will last for 1 to 2 years to complete.

Amount of Money You Can Get During Apprenticeship Period

Several mechanism and government norms are associated with the salary packages for the employee and the apprentices who are working for any organization including car-manufacturing companies.

To have a clear idea about how much you are entitled to earn as an apprentice, you have to get in touch with the workplace authority that will help you to assess your salary package. Apart form this, several factors can influence your earning as an apprentice, they are

  • Your education and experience
  • Your age and your contract with the company
  • Your last salary (if you have worked at any other organization before)
  • The field you have chosen in automobile industry

However, if you have qualified for your for the job in the field of Motor Mechanics, Designer or Automotive Electrician, then you can earn approx $750 to $900 per week.

Best Thing about the Automobile Industry

By getting into this highly recognized industry, you will have the opportunity to play with your dream machine. People, who have always dreamt for working in automobile industry are well aware about the fact that, this is the place where they can learn a lot with proper guidance and training. Thus, never lose your hope and keep trying to avail a career in automobile industry.

Author Bio- Peter Denver is an automobile engineer who has been associated with the automobile industry for more than a decade. Along with his professional career, he is doing a business of salvaged cars for sale.



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