Medical billing is among the most important systems of a hospital or a medical facility. A medical biller is responsible for the cash flow of the medical practice. The medical biller works with a third party company that provides software for running the accounts receivables and payables of the medical practice. To run these systems adeptly, the biller must possess the following qualities:

Professional and knowledgeable

This profession entails working with patients and the computer almost daily. It also involves working with other agencies. To give the best output in all these areas, you must have knowledge on medical billing and coding, current insurance regulations, health insurance contracts, and book keeping.

To be able to discuss the different aspects of a medical bill with a patient and/or the insurance company, you must be trained and skilled in the same. There are several billing and healthcare jargons which you must know about.

Proficiency in computers

This isn’t limited to simple Word Processing applications. The best medical billers have solid ground and knowledge on software and coding techniques. As a medical biller, you will be responsible for assembling and making data entries in a manner that conforms to the set standards.

Correct assembly of data results in timely payments. You should be able to electronically transmit verified billing information.

Keen attention to details

Attentiveness is the primary skill expected from a medical biller. Professional medical billing involves keen attention to medical information in line with the codes stipulated in the industry. Guidelines on the coding processes must be known at heart.

Being attentive also means that you will be able to detect errors in medical bills and correct them before they are sent to the patients. This saves companies a lot of time and money on claims and rejections to patients and insurance companies. Your employer suffers when you make a data entry or a billing error.


A hospital or a private owned medical facility can run into big losses when they hire inexperienced individuals to manage medical billing. Someone with prior experience in billing is highly recommended.  As an experienced biller, you know the procedure of billing, when to make payments and, you can be a good resource when it comes to giving advice on the best medical billing services and software.

Willingness to learn

In most cases, insurance companies require that data is submitted in a particular format. The formats may be changed and you should be able to research and learn to submit billing data in the new format. This makes it easy for a company to comply with regulations and contractual agreements.


The best medical billers have certification from leading professional institutions. They will also have undertaken courses or professional programs that are respected more than others, making them the best in the field.


You should not only send medical bills to your patients, an excellent biller ensures that the patients get the benefits they deserve. This makes work easier for directors and businesses in general.

Good communication skills

A Medical biller will spend a lot of time conversing with patients face to face and on the telephone or over emails. Therefore, you must have a warm/ friendly personality to communicate with them. You should also remain calm as you discuss errors and the medical bills in general.


The best medical billers are dedicated, educated and willing to adopt new changes in billing or regulations. They are also honest, good communicators and employ the best medical billing software.


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Maria De La Rosa is a professional medical billing consultant who’s worked with big medical practitioners for a long time. Check her website to learn about the best medical billing practices and the qualities of the best medical billers.



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