A business school is much different from a regular engineering or a graduate college. The campus environment, classrooms, and curriculum, everything is different. If you are planning to join a b-school, you should be prepared for the life it presents to you in the future.

How is a business school different?Business Education + Student Caring

Anyone who has attended a business school will be able to tell you that the environment is much different from a regular engineering college. Here you will be able to see all kinds of students. You can find an undergraduate student who is looking to start his career with aplomb. On the other hand, you can also meet an experienced professional who is looking to make a career change or progression in his career. You can meet with an entrepreneur who wants to improve his business and go places.

Everyone who attends business school have different dreams. Your success in the business school will depend not only on your academics but also on your people skills. This is a major difference in a b-school. If you are not a people person, MBA or PGDM is not the right course for you. Business Management and Administration is all about managing people and resources. You have to have a strong ability to network and make the connections.

The teaching methods adopted in successful business schools are quite different too. The total hours students spend on lectures in a classroom are much less. Case studies and projects take up a good number of hours. A PGDM or MBA student will need to devote long hours in preparation for the class and not just in completing assignments.

Academic life

There is no denying the fact that once you enter any reputed business school your priorities change. The number of hours you have to spend on your academics will increase greatly. You have to start by preparing for the classes. Most of the business schools assign small groups who will get together and compare notes for the upcoming classes.

Many colleges score students not only on the exam results but also on class participation and projects. Staying quite in the class in the last bench and studying only at the exam time will work for some college degrees but will not help you in your business school.

The curriculum of the business management programs vary from one school to another. Mathematics, statistics, finance, and general management are prominent subjects in many courses.  Decision making, ethical management, management using latest internet technologies are the new topics that the reputed colleges cover in a business management program.

Just because the syllabus will be tough, does not mean your life in B-school will be all work and dull. The most important point of enjoying any course is that your passion should match the program. If management is your passion and you want to pursue a career managing a business or people in an organization, the academics can be fun, as a large percentage of the academic life will go in team projects, creative learning, and group discussions.

Libraries in the top business schools are great places to find rare volumes on management topics. In South India, the library at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore has a voluminous library. Most of the reputed colleges have well-furnished libraries where you will find all the required reference materials.

Placement is another area where the top management schools excel in. The students who are in top form in the courses get placed quite early on and for dream like figures.

Social experience

Being part of a business school gives you a good practical experience of interacting with people and building networks. Students in a business school are often from different backgrounds. International exchange programs will get the students a chance to learn management practices in other countries too. The experience of studying in a business school gives you the opportunity for a great social life.

You will be able to make new friends and ample of new connections. It is very essential for you to be open for making new friendships and forging new connections. Everyone who comes into a business school with an objective of starting a new career or starting a new business will get an opportunity to meet the people from all walks of life. It is necessary to get into the top business management schools if you want a good experience in your educational life.

Full time & Part time programs in B-Schools:

Every other business school offers part time programs too for the working professionals who cannot take a break from their work to pursue a course. There is a huge difference in the life of a student who takes up full-time or part-time study program. Most of the colleges that offer full time courses require their students to stay in the campus and take up any of the residential courses. The syllabus of full time programs will also differ from the part time programs. Full time students will get a great chance to interact with the experienced teachers in the campuses.

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