Part 2 / What Happens When a Class Goes Bad?
How to Identify and Fix a Bad Class

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What can a professor do in this situation?
DON’T GIVE UP – a course can be turned around.
What can happen when these symptoms occur?
– Students can complain to the professor
– Or, more commonly, they go over their head
– Parents complain to the administration
– Students become disruptive in class

All of this, unfortunately results in, “Students are not learning”

Some of these FEELINGS might be experienced:
For the students
Frustrated /  angry  /  overwhelmed /  inadequate / apathetic / passive-aggressive

For the professor
Frustration / worry / concern / helpless / defensive

For the administration
Frustrated / Concerned / wary / increased workload – aka – fire fighting

DON’T GIVE UP – a course can be turned around.

When you address the problem is important.
– Don’t assume that you know what the problem is.
– Conduct an anonymous – in-class survey.

Midterm Evaluation (pdf)

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