How to Identify and Fix a Bad Class

What Happens When a Class Goes Bad?

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Difficulty of materiel?
Does class seem well organized / well planned?
Inconsistency with the syllabus and assignments.
Is the class what you expected it to be?

Questions to ask yourself?
Am I revising / deviating from the syllabus?
Am I revising / deviating from students exceptions?
How do I feel about going to class?
Are there one or more students who are showing their discontent?
Respond to positive feedback and students will notice.

DON’T fall into a retaliation mode.
Inform your department chair about the situation and ask for advise.  – Avoid surprises. – Be pro-active. – Ask a trusted colleague for advice.

Before walking into the classroom – re discover you “Self Confident” Mode.
“CHEERFUL EXPECTANCY” are good words to keep in mind.
Review your resume and prior EXCELLENT course evaluations.
If you have teaching for awhile, look at where previous successful students are now today

Use a little humor to lighten the atmosphere.
Find an acceptable way to lighten their load without sacrificing quality of instruction.
Don’t give up.

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