Who has got a better life, a doctor or an engineer?

Who has got a better life, a doctor or an engineer?

During the +2 level, students are often seen to be confused regarding which field to choose, medical or engineering. This is not an easy decision and needs to be made after much thought to the parameters of practical life; well, that is until and unless you intend to serve humanity by treating people free of cost.

Engineering and Medicine have long been the two most sought after professions in middle class India. However, slowly engineering seems to be gaining ground because the career of an engineer seems to have become more definite. Four years of engineering from a decent college of Engineering in Himachal Pradesh can fetch you a handsome salary. On the other hand, five years of basic medical study from a reputed institution gets you nowhere until and unless you do a PG specialization, which is another three years. Even this is not enough; it would be even better if you go for a ‘super specialization’, which takes another two years.

Now let’s have an evaluation of both the professions on basis of basic parameters.


Engineering: 4 years of engineering can get you a yearly package of 4 to 5 lacs; and if you manage to get an MBA after that, a package of 12 to 45 lacs can be offered to you. Careers of engineers have become much more certain after the advent Information Technology.

Doctor: 5 years of MBBS is only the beginning. After this you may get a job and start your practice, but only an MBBS degree is not of much value in the present market. Hence, you need to do a specialization to earn 5 to 6 lacs a year. If your family is engaged in the medical field, then it makes much more sense to join the profession, because, your career will naturally get a boost as you will automatically get clients passed on to you. Doctors make big money if they have their own clinics and hospitals. If you have enough funds to build a hospital, you should not think much before joining medical; you are bound to make huge money. However, if that is not the case, then you need to have lots of patience and work hard at getting more and more degrees.

Student life

Surviving the student life of medical science is much tougher than that of engineering. The former practically demands you to forget your personal life and study, study and study a little more. Whereas, for aspiring engineers getting into a good college is the toughest part, after that the journey is relatively smoother.


In this respect, doctors are clear winners. Doctors are saviours of lives; they are often given the status of semi-god by patients and the society in general. On the other hand, engineering is just another profession.

Hard work

Doctors have to struggle a lot more to establish themselves than engineers. Again, thanks to the advent of IT, B.Tech degree holders are much in demand. And if you manage to get an MBA done after B.Tech, you do not have to look back. However, a doctor needs time to flourish. Quick money is something that a doctor cannot have.

Work environment

The work environment of doctors is much flexible as compared to engineers. This is because doctors can work at hospitals, which have state-of-the-art facilities as well as in General Hospitals. Besides, doctors can also practice in their private clinics. Engineers, on the other hand, have to work in strict corporate environments and even at construction sites.

Now that you have a comparative study in front of you, it will surely be easier for you to decide which way to go. All the very best for your life ahead!

Author’s bio: Ankur Rautela is a counsellor in one of the most popular colleges of engineering in Himachal Pradesh. He is certified and has been counselling since the last ten years.



Who has got a better life, a Doctor or an Engineer?