“Do what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.”

Before we jump on to anything, let me first set the mood for today’s topic.

Given a chance to choose:

Do what you love or love what you do, what would you go with?

Think with all your heart and mind until we come back here!


Here’s something very, very important thing for you to know, especially if you are a student and are preparing yourself to step-in the market.

  • Over 80% of people don’t enjoy their work, and
  • Employees these days quit their jobs because of their work, tasks and responsibilities.

Often we come across quotes and advices from those experienced and successful souls around us saying, “Follow Your Passion and you’d never regret.” On the contrary, our parents, relatives, teachers or even mentors disagree to support us in letting us do what we love.

This is a common scenario with each one of us!

But, why there is so much tussle in the opinions of people when it comes to choosing between passion and career?

Now, get this:

To get better insights on this, let us first go through the benefits and harms of choosing your passion as the career.

Pros of Transforming your Passion into Career

  • You’ll Just Love Your Work – When we get the ice-cream we like the most, we enjoy each and every bite of it. The same goes with living our passion. When we pursue our passion, we dedicate ourselves completely into it and make utmost efforts to achieve success. Hence, the enthusiasm and excitement of doing the work you love the most will never fade away. You’ll willingly make efforts to perform the tasks allotted to you.


  • Better Performance – When you do what you love, you are more devoted to perform better. It keeps your interest alive and awaken, which further helps you sustain even the peak work load. And you don’t feel exhausted. All this makes you a better performer, which is a key requirement to become successful.


  • Endless Learning – When you follow your passion, it enhances your hunger to grow and become better. You feel curious all the time and put yourself into things that make you learn newer things to which there’s no limit! There is abundance of ideas and creativity within and around you.


  • No Regrets, No Blames – You’ll never feel lost unlike those who have had a midlife crisis. You would not come across feelings of doubt and regret about the life choices you’ve made. Instead, you would feel more confident for choosing what you loved. Hence, there would never be regrets even if you fail.


Flip the coin to see the other side:

Cons of Choosing Your Passion as Career          

  • Potential Financial Instability – A major reason why people feel reluctant to pursue their passion is the potential financial risks. You can be a doctor and earn well, but this might not be always the case if you are an artist. Making it big in the medical stream is probably going to be easier than becoming a successful singer or actor.


  • Disapprovals from Closed Ones – Going against the wishes of your loved ones is hard – as simple as that. Whether it’s your mom and dad, your best friend or spouse, you’ll feel bad and disconnected about not getting their support. On the other hand, they’ll feel disappointed seeing you going against their wish. Such negative circumstances can cause a disturbance within you, which can disengage you from performing better.

The Bottom Story

Back to the point where we began:

What would you NOW chooseDo what you love or love what you do?


About Author: Rajesh is an IT graduate and MBA in marketing & IB Rajesh is a Management Enthusiast.