Moving off campus is a major decision that many college students can’t wait to make. Deciding to live off campus could change the dynamics and trajectory of your college experience. Off-campus living offers a new environment, new conveniences, a new way of thinking and, of course, a new way of living. However, it also offers an abundance of benefits, which is why many choose to move off campus. Below are five of these benefits that help make this way of living so desirable to college students.


Gives the Ultimate Freedom

Dorm living is full of rules and restrictive policies. These rules and policies are enforced by a resident advisor (RA) who seems to monitor your every move. There’s a curfew, strict parking rules, restrictions for having overnight guests and regulations on noise levels. Not to mention, you can’t choose who you’ll be living with. On the other hand, off campus housing has far fewer restrictions. For example, you can stay out as long as you want – partying into the night. You won’t have to worry about being locked out or having to send your guests home at a certain time.

With your own kitchen, you can cook whenever and whatever you like. You can also get away from the hub of noise and activity while studying or attempting to relax. Finally, you can choose the quantity and quality of your roommates.


Off-Campus Living is More Valuable

While dorm living can be affordable, it hardly offers enough value to justify the costs. Off-campus accommodations, however; offer many features and options that make them more valuable and affordable than dorms. Not to mention, eating and parking is less expensive when you live off campus. Student apartments offer a larger living space, your own kitchen, access to cool amenities, control over your environment and privacy, meaning you get more bang for your buck. These apartments are also often inclusive, which makes them even more affordable and valuable.


Offers Better Amenities

Student apartment communities offer a larger array of amenities than dorm communities. Often, an apartment or room for rent comes with access to fitness centres, pools, study lounges, recreation rooms, outdoor living and entertainment areas, small movie theatres, security, flexible parking options and more. Comparatively, on-campus amenities aren’t as extensive, and access to them may be limited by where you live or your housing plan. Living off campus also puts you closer to outside communities and amenities, such as restaurants, bars and various entertainment venues. Access to a multitude of amenities is something that most college students want, which makes off-campus apartments even more popular.


More Housing Options and No Waiting Lists

College campus communities offer a variety of apartments for rent, so the size, price and location of the student accommodation you choose is up to you. You can choose to live in a small room or a large apartment. Plus, you can have the space all to yourself or share it with roommates. There also aren’t often waiting lists for off-campus housing.  On the other hand, there are always waiting lists for the best on-campus housing. So, if you want to live in a better space or with a better roommate, you’ll have to wait. This waiting process can last up to a year in some cases. There’s also no guarantee that you’ll get a better room or roommate. Additionally, single rooms or suites are more expensive than the average dorm room.


Provides “Real World” Experience

For many college students, deciding to move off campus equals taking the first step into adulthood. An off-campus apartment gives you the chance to take care of your own home, cook your own meals, shop for your own food and essentials, sign contracts and pay your own bills. This experience will help prepare you for life after college – your subsequent adulthood.

Off-campus living isn’t for everyone, but college students have shown that it is for the majority. This means that in the battle of on-campus versus off-campus living, it’s the preferred choice – a choice with many benefits. More freedom, better amenities, greater value, more housing options and experience are all amazing advantages of living off campus, but there are so many more. However, the only way to learn these advantages and reap the rewards of living off campus is to just do it, which is what many college students are doing.

Author bio – Madelene Pelchat is an interior design graduate and a passionate blogger. Currently, she is associated with Residence on First – student apartments London Ontario. Madelene has over 4 years of experience in the industry and she likes helping students to find the perfect space to live while studying abroad. You can follow her company on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.