The final year of high school is a very important time in a student’s life. It’s the time when they are expected to choose the career path that they want to go down, and work really hard in their classes to ensure that they get the grades to get there. Whether you’re heading to university, or to a full time job, now is the time to start planning.


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  1. Sit Down and Think About What You Want to Do

Thinking about what you want to do can be a hard task. However, knowing what you want to do will go a long way to making sure that you study the right classes to get there.

  • Make a list of what you enjoy doing. This could be yours hobbies, sports, even particular classes at school that you have enjoyed in the past. Then write what it is that you enjoy about them.
  • Next, write a list of jobs you may be interested in. See what jobs line-up with your interests and circle them.
  • Then, research what is needed to get into these positions. If there are specific qualifications that you need, make sure that you are taking the right classes in school to get you into the courses required.


  1. Research/Contact Prospective Course Providers

Once you have decided what you may want to do, now is the time to look into whether you need to study to reach your goals. Online research can help, as can contacting course providers, who are there to converse with soon to be school leavers about further study.

  • Look up the potential career/s that you want online and research whether they require qualifications.
  • If they do, look into course providers. Check out universities, RTOs, short course institutes, and see what would suit you best.
  • Contact the admissions and advice team for each relevant school, talk to them about what you are looking at doing, and see if they have any advice.


  1. Visit Open Days

Many universities have open days for prospective students, where you can go to information sessions about all kinds of industries, talk to leaders in their respective fields, and get advice on everything related with higher education.

  • Find out when the universities you are interested in are having their open days.
  • Most have an online itinerary of events on the day, so be sure to check that out and see what particular sessions you want to attend.


  1. Apply For Internships/Volunteer Opportunities/Work Experience

A great way to see if you will actually enjoy your chosen path is to experience is first hand! Volunteering for work experience will give you an idea of what to expect when you get to the workplace.

  • Look, and apply online.
  • Ask around at relevant businesses.


  1. Have Fun!

This is your final year at high school, which means that after this year, you will be thrown out into the big, wide world where you are responsible for much more than you are used to. Make the most of your final year at high school and have fun.


Scott Rojko

Scott Rojko is passionate about helping people find their way into rewarding careers. Scott and the awesome staff at MWT Institute work tirelessly to ensure that students are able to gain qualifications and job-ready skills to give them the best possible opportunities. Connect with Scott on Twitter @ScottRojko.


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5 Things You Need to Do In Your Last Year of High School