Choosing which college to attend is likely to be one of the most important decisions of your life. Due to this importance, you should take the time to learn about the schools that you are considering and investigate the advantages and disadvantages of each school. By carefully comparing schools, you will be more likely to make a wise decision.

Student Caring

Visit Multiple Schools

Just because you have always dreamed about going to school at a certain college or university does not make it a good choice. You should visit a number of schools to get a feel of the school, the campus and student life. You may find out that you do not like the campus of your dream school and that you much prefer a school that you have never even considered.


The cost of attending college is always an important consideration. You should compare the total cost and the amount of financial aid you can receive from each school and how much you will need to pay and borrow each year. Remember, you will have to pay back any amount that you borrow. Graduating from college with thousands of dollars of debt can be a significant burden.

Social Life

Just as you need to consider a college based on your academic goals, you also need to look at the quality of life factors that the school offers. For example, if you are a sports fan, you may want to attend a major university with a NCAA Division I sports program. If you enjoy outdoor activities, then a school located in the downtown area of a major metropolitan area may not be ideal for you.

Program Rankings

While overall school rankings are important, you also need to look at the school’s academic ranking for the program you will be entering. For example, two schools may have similar overall rankings, but one may have a more highly respected economics program. If you want to major in economics, then the school with the highly ranked program would likely be your best choice.

Placement Rates

The bottom line for a college graduate is to obtain an education that will result in a successful career. Colleges routinely publish the placement rates for their graduates on their website. Though exact information on starting salaries and placement rates for each degree program are not always available from each school, you should be able to find enough information to determine which school does the best job of preparing students for real world success.

Though there are many factors to consider, these five factors will help you on your way to choosing the best college to meet your personal needs.



5 Tips to Choosing the Perfect College for You