Planning and organizing skills are the features that attract the attention of future employers. But is it possible to build an entire career on these skills? It sure is! Today we bring you six career choices for people who like to plan and organize.

6 Careers for People Who Like to Plan and Organize

  1. Professional organizer

Annual salary: approximately 40,000$

This fairly new profession has developed from the need to introduce order in our lives. Over the years, we accumulate hundreds of things and it often happens that we can’t find enough place for them anymore. Professional organizers help people develop effective organizing systems, learn essential organizational skills and work out good shopping strategies. If your home is perfectly organized, why don’t you share your knowledge with your neighbours? Get certified by The Board of Certification for Professional Organizers.


  1. Wedding planner

Annual salary: approximately 80,000$

Many young couples are overwhelmed by planning their special day, therefore they decide to find someone who will take care of all those challenging tasks for them. Being a wedding planner requires great time management skills and the ability to work independently. You will have to make sure all important parts of the wedding and wedding reception – proposing the first toast, cutting the cake, throwing the bouquet – happen in the right place at the right time.


  1. Travel agent

Annual salary: approximately 60,000$

As an organization enthusiast, you must have planned your holidays a hundred times already. Remember how much fun you had? Guess what – you can do this for living! Travel agents simplify the process of planning a trip – they book flights, hotels, rent cars and organize leisure time for their clients.


  1. Librarian

Annual salary: approximately 50,000$

Over the years, librarian’s job has evolved significantly. Modern librarians should now be extensively trained in information science. People rely on them to find particular volumes, they are expected to assist students looking for specific positions, they help the visitors find exact books and periodicals at local libraries. Today, they also organize and manage video and audio materials, together with many other digital resources.


  1. Urban architect

Annual salary: approximately 65,000$

As an urban architect you need to see the big picture ahead of you. It is not enough to design a residential district. You also need to take into account how it will fit into current and prospective city infrastructure. Urban architects have therefore an incredibly important social responsibility.


  1. Store inventory planner

Annual salary: approximately 40,000$

Many modern stores focus on functionality. The isles need to be well organized to save the customers the trouble of finding necessary items. Also, many stores choose to change the alignment of shelves regularly. With your attention to detail and excellent planning skills you can help many people do their shopping more effectively by simply improving the design or layout of the shop.


Planning and organizing skills come in handy in many professions, but as you see, it is possible to build successful careers around them as well. What other professions would you add to the list?


Amelia Dermott is an author on Gumtree Australia. She specializes in career development, workplace productivity and small business advice. She’s interested in entrepreneurship and photography.


6 Careers for People Who Like to Plan and Organize