Ever thought that employers are crammed in a stack of resumes and most of them willing to shortlist 6 Ways to Tailor Your Resume According to the Jobthe minimum. This makes it important for you to tailor your resume according to every opening that comes your way. Customizing the resume will make you a stronger candidate and reflect effectively to the employer what you are looking for. Here are 6 ways you can use to effectively modify your resume.


When you work on your resume and draft a final copy, do not stick to it for every job opening that comes up your way. It is evidently important to customize your resume according to the job you are applying even if you are sure that you fit the job perfectly. Using words from the job description decreases the chances of your resume to fall in the pitfall called the black hole. Tailoring your job should do two of the following things for you:

  • Will pass the ATS/keyword test
  • Increase the chances of impressing a human reviewer

6 Ways to Tailor Your ResumeDo not mix the word customizing with re-writing. If you have worked hard on coming up with the final draft, just some minor changes will let you do a more effective job search.

This is how you should go about tailoring your resume according to the job you want to apply to:

#1 Take the Note of 3 to 5 Job Descriptions for the Job You Want to Apply

For the job that you are applying to, take out three to five job descriptions for the same and highlight the important keywords that are present there. Highlight the specifications and make a list of all the highlighted keywords. Next, make a note of keywords that were repeatedly used. These are the keywords that need to make space in your resume.


#2 Effectively Add these to Your Resume

The above list of keywords should be able to make space in your resume effectively. For this, glance at your resume and point out areas where these keywords can be added. When doing this, make sure that the keywords are placed such that a human reader can easily locate them in less than 10 seconds. This is the approximate time that a human reader spends on a resume. You can use resume samples if you are doing this for the first time.

#3 Quantify the Keywords

Listing the keywords is one thing and another important aspect is to add muscle to the keyword. Supportive quantities will make more sense in your resume. For example if you are adding the word sales representative, to support add the valuable experience in sales or the number of years that you have worked as a sales representative.

#4 Add a Human-Voiced Summary at the Top

Tie your career story in the summary that makes the top of your resume. It is a frame for the hiring manager that briefly describes you to someone completely new to you but very important. Your summary speaks about your career path and gives the employer the ability to judge you. It is on you how you will use this summary to display a positive notion of your career timeline.

#5 Cut-Down Unnecessary Skills

Keep the skills that are required for the job you are applying to. Rest you can put them off. A lot of skills may make a mess in the human mind reviewing your resume.

#6 Tailor Your Cover Letter As Well

If you are using a cover letter, do not forget to tailor it according to the modified resume. The cover letter should similarly be customized with job-specific keywords. A cover letter can be the first document an employer comes through to know you. To sound like a worthy candidate it is a must to pay equal attention to your cover letter.

Concluding With

It may sound like a big task, to customize the resume for every job. But in order to land up a dream job, you need to do something more than just clicking the apply button. Once you start with customizing your resume, you would come to a conclusion that it does not take much of time and is worth the effort.

Lastly, when you tailor your resume, try thinking from the employer’s point of view and witness your background through his/hers eyes.

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6 Ways to Tailor Your Resume According to the Job