Every student harbors the dream of finding a well-paying job upon graduating from college. As it were, these jobs are not served on a silver platter. You need to look for them. This calls for a resume and a nicely written cover letter. Job searching also requires a stroke of luck. As a fresh graduate, you must network a lot. Fortunately, you do not have to move from one office to the other looking for a job. The internet just saved you from this tedious process of showing up in company offices unannounced. If at this point you are wondering where this is headed to, you are in the right path.

By using LinkedIn, you can gain a lot of ground in your zeal to clinch the job of a lifetime. LinkedIn is an online social platform that connects professionals A Stellar Profile – Key to Finding jobs on LinkedInto companies. You can use LinkedIn to network with former classmates, other friends and prospective companies seeking to hire people in different professions. However, the main question here is how to find jobs that are posted on the site. Well, here are some golden tips:-

  • Create an appealing profile: Always remember that when prospective employers are searching for suitable candidates, your headline is what attracts them most. Therefore, once you open a LinkedIn account, take time to create your profile. Look at it as a way of marketing yourself, skills and talents. Upload a professional photo. A picture of you lying on a beach or in a pub having a drink is a big no. Besides, think of a compelling headline that will capture the interest of anyone seeking to read your profile.
  • Showcase things not on your resume: By now, you already know that it is your resume that sells who you are. LinkedIn’s search dynamics have changed. For this reason, in addition to listing places you have worked at, if any, describe what the job entailed. Do not ignore the one month attachment period at Company X. List and describe what it was all about including what you achieved. Many students tend to ignore volunteer work done during vacation. For heaven’s sake, put this down too; it is what you have achieved this far.
  • Connect with people strategically: Creating an appealing profile and uploading a professionally looking photo is not sufficient. Do not leave it at that assuming that employers will find you, love your profile and give you a call. You have to connect with former classmates, friends and professionals. Think of all the people you interacted with during internship and bosses who oversaw your work. If you have someone in mind and reckon that it would be ideal to stay in touch, send LinkedIn requests to them. Send requests to people whose achievements you admire and feel that it would be worthy to be connected to them.

Always ensure that you keep your profile up-to-date. Check and confirm that there are no typing or grammatical errors. Potential hiring managers may interpret this to mean that you are careless or not serious. Hundreds of jobs are posted on LinkedIn every day. By placing yourself in a strategic position, you stand a better chance of clinching one. Get started today!




A Stellar Profile – Key to Finding jobs on LinkedIn