The last few weeks of each semester are always super stressful for students. Between exams, final projects and term papers, any opportunity to blow off some steam is welcome. For many college students, Fridays don’t just mean a break from classes — they mean parties, complete with beer and liquor.

It’s fine to have a desire for fun after a week of stress, but there are many problems with turning to parties to let loose. The more alcohol you drink, the less control you have over your decisions. Many times these decisions don’t just affect you — they also affect the people you interact with throughout the night. It’s not just a matter of being “that person” at the party who’s both obnoxious and annoying — it can also mean ending up in the hospital or worse.

An Interactive Adventure for College Students

Know Your Limit

By going through this interactive choose your own adventure story, you can see just how high your BAC is after a typical night out. Every decision you make when you drink has consequences. Pre-gaming with some beer can set the tone for the rest of your night. Reaching for that drink could be the difference between driving home or calling a cab. Doing that keg stand after drinking all night could be the last thing you remember of your night.

Party games are a popular option for the college crowd because they provide ample opportunity to socialize and provide an excuse to drink more. However, these games can lead to drinking a lot of alcohol in a short amount of time, further affecting your actions later in the evening.

There are many factors that affect your alcohol tolerance ­— your weight, how much food you ate, even your mood. While the interactive adventure is a helpful tool in gauging how your body will react to a night of drinking, it’s not an exact science. No two people react the same, so it’s important to keep track of the amount you drink throughout the night. When in doubt, err on the side of caution.

Imagine the Scenarios

It’s important to keep all possible scenarios in mind before you go out to parties. For example, heavy drinking can lead to some negative consequences, such as injuries. Unplanned sexual encounters are more likely to occur after a night of drinking and the majority of violent crimes on college campuses involved alcohol. If you’re planning on driving home, staying sober is the best option — after all, when you’re driving, your life isn’t the only one at risk.

Be Smart

It’s completely understandable to want to have some fun and let loose after completing a huge assignment and acing an exam. After studying hard and pulling late nights in the library, a night off is a welcomed relief.

Spending the night with your friends at a huge party can be just what you’re looking for at the end of the semester. However, it’s important to be responsible about the choices you’re making throughout the night. Having fun doesn’t have to mean blacking out.

You can still have a great night while drinking in moderation — or not at all.

Change Your Story: An Interactive Adventure for College Students

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