College students face many problems during their “happiest experience in life”, or at least that’s how many people call college years. They need Student Caring TIPSto cover lots of expenditures such as food and accommodation, tuition costs, textbooks, gas, shopping, etc. Many school graduates choose to study in a new state or in another country, which means they need to pay for travel expenses from time to time, especially for the holidays.

Holidays were meant to be spent with family and friends, that’s why lots of students plan a trip home. Others, on the other hand, want to explore the world and head for new adventures in a country they’ve never been before. Whatever the situation, one thing is for sure – as a student you’ll need to find the best priced flight. How do you do that? Check out out tips below.

Understand airline pricing

Not everybody is an expert at this, neither are we, but let us put it like this: the more booked up a flight is, the more expensive the tickets. The explanation goes like this: let’s say all the seats on a plane are divided into parts. Usually the first part of tickets comes cheap. The next part is still rather inexpensive but at a higher fare than the first. And so, the more seats to be taken, the more expensive tickets become. Therefore if you want to find cheap tickets, you should be among the first passengers to book a flight for your departure date.

The problem is that tickets sell really fast around holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Eve. These are some of the busiest days in the year for airlines. The best thing is to avoid travelling in those days. If you can’t, then keep reading.

Book mid-week

Choose not to travel when you know there are going to be too many passengers. Usually, this is observed in the beginning of the workweek. Avoid rush hours. Many people don’t like travelling early in the morning or late night. This is the reason that mid-week and early-morning or late-night flights may be better priced. Therefore, if you are flexible about your departure dates and can travel any time, any day, it’s strongly recommended you use this tip.

Book in advance

Every passenger knows that in order to get a good price for your ticket, you should book in advance. The closer to your travel date you book, the more expensive the tickets. Many people plan their holidays all year long and they usually book tickets several months in advance. So, if you can, do it. Especially if you’re going to travel during winter holidays. See, airlines don’t need to drop their ticket price on heavily booked flights. That’s why planning your trip ahead of time is the best thing to do.

HOWEVER, this formula doesn’t work all the time. Sometimes airlines offer discounts and if you know when to buy, you may make a good bargain. Sometimes you just need to wait for the company to reduce the price of the tickets. But, as we mentioned above, this is not the case around holidays.

Go economy class

If you are a college student, you already have too many expenses. That’s why booking first class flights is out of the question. Unless somebody else is paying for the tickets or you were raised in a wealthy family, etc. Don’t feel terrible because you need to go economy class. There are many benefits to economy class travels over choosing a luxurious leather seat. But the most important is, you’ll save money for other things like gifts and partying.

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College Students: TIPS on How to Find a Cheap Flight for The Holidays