To receive criticisms surely feels terrible, but forget all that because there are better ways of interpreting them that can even benefit you. It may be too easy and common to say that criticisms rock where it can help you improve and become a wiser individual, but it is, in fact, very true and here are the reasons why:

Criticism Can Be Good! Here's Why

1. Criticisms are a sign of attention.

Whether you receive good or bad criticisms, all these only mean one thing and that is you are gaining the attention of people. To catch the interest of others is a difficult task since to be unique among a crowd is hard. But if people start giving comments, may they make you feel better about yourself or depressed, always accept them positive because it shows that you are indeed making a difference. But don’t get too blinded from this kind of attention because it also cannot be argued that it is from a negative perception of people towards you. Just know that there are people looking forward to your actions and that shall give you the push to be better.

2. Criticisms allow you to reflect on yourself.

There is no doubt that what we are doing is what we think is right. But through the words of others, they allow us to stop for a while and evaluate ourselves on what they think we did wrong. Even if you are a CEO of a notable company, a student from the best accounting school in the Philippines or a public figure, criticisms can help you perform even better by learning from them. They also assist in enlightening you on what and how you are actually doing at least in their point of view. If there are no feedbacks, mistakes and poor practices would then not be realized and changed. So think of them as teachers who can guide and correct the faults you never thought were wrong. And what is more advantageous on your part is that you do not even have to pay for them; you get to learn and hone yourselves from the free lessons and teachings they provide.

3. Gain more followers.

From the first attention you gained as people stated their judgment on you to the growth you would have made by learning from them, this journey would surely allow you to earn more followers and/or even more critics. When people see your efforts to improve and the result of working hard, the critics may then become your supporters. Please them as much as they want and as much as you can but also make sure that you are not fully dictated by them because you are your own and that defines your individuality.



As you continue to work hard, do something new or different, or simply live, know that there would always be new criticisms to arise. But keep the positivity in accepting and understanding the opinion of others because there is only one way to go with this practice and that is to your own success.


About the Author:

Mishka Tolentino is a business student at University of Westminster. She is a freelance writer, web enthusiast and social advocate. She spends Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 10.26.01 PMher free time listening to classical music and taking snapshots. Follow her on twitter @mishkatolentino.


Criticism Can Be Good! Here’s Why