Currently, the standard of living is rising and you will definitely like to take care of personal expenses without facing any financial crisis. One the other hand, you can find people who are too much optimistic about their career growth. If you want to fulfill both requirements, you should definitely give a try to EMBA or Executive MBA program.

Generally, when you are employed with a company, you hardly get time to pursue a full time MBA course. But, in case of Executive MBA ProgramEMBA program, you can avail time as per your convenience. Some institutes conduct online classes, which can be attended within the chosen timeframe.

Also, you can appear for exams at suitable time. After completion of course, you can find a transformation within yourself that will help you to move to the next corporate ladder. But, remember, you are investing your hard-earned money. So, the institute, which you chose should be reputed.

See the Benefits of Completing EMBA at a Glance

  • Enhanced skill sets
  • Widening of job opportunities
  • Better pay hike


By this time, it is clear that completing an EMBA program can open many avenues for career progression. Now based on this fact, you have to decide whether you want to stick to your current company or associate yourself with the other prospective employer. Both decisions have their own advantages. Have a look.

Advantages of Switching to Other Company

Salary Hike

The chance for getting salary hike increases with the successful completion of EMBA course if you want to switch over to other company. During the tenure of the program, you get to learn certain skills that help you to gain firm grounds for negotiation during finalization of the pay package.

Greater Career Advancements

Every EMBA candidate has one trait in common which is known as ambition. These candidates are not satisfied with promotion only, but they want things to happen at faster pace for meeting their challenging roles.

Actively finding out new employment opportunities will help you to focus on targeted career progression. If you decide to stay with your current employer, the chances are there that you may not utilize your creativity for attaining smart results and avail dynamic opportunities, which will be bestowed on you by a new company.

But, you may face situations that will not permit you to switch over to other company. Still you can reap certain benefits while staying with your current employer.

Maximizes Chances of Building Loyalty

Continuing your service with the same company can provide career advancement opportunities over long run. Career advancement aspects are based on relationships and networks.

Staying with your current company means, people with whom you work, know about your capabilities. Developing strong relationships with managers and colleagues can have positive impact when you climb the corporate ladder.


The company, which you work for, supports you, knows you and invests its resources on you for getting valuable returns. When you are working in familiar situation, you can apply your newly developed skill sets for attaining maximum business growth.

So, an EMBA course offers multitude of benefits for career progression. It opens up new avenues in terms of job opportunities. Whether you switch over to other company or stay with your current employer, you can reach the next level quickly with your newly honed skill sets. For more details, visit MET’s guide on PGDM.

Author Bio – Jenny Richards is a career counselor as well as academic blogger. In this article, she has described the advantages of pursuing EMBA and has mentioned the benefits of switching or staying with the same employer in terms of career advancement.

Executive MBA Program Always Gives You a Return


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