Online Learning Tips

It isn’t uncommon to see a lot of people enrolling in online courses due to a number of factors. They can choose exactly what they want to learn, it’s flexible and they can learn on their own time, within the comforts of their house. However, the flexibility and comfortable settings might be the very things that might lead to procrastinating or taking things lightly. In order to engage and make the most out of online education, follow these essential strategies.




7 Essential Strategies for Successful Online Learning


  • Check Required Technology and Tools


Online classes won’t be of any good if you can’t access them. This is why you must understand what the technical requirements are. Before the course starts, ensure your computer/laptop and the required online tools are working and that you know how to navigate the technology so that you don’t waste time during the course to figure that out.


  • Understand the Syllabus


The basis of any course is the syllabus. It provides a road map for the course and offers a clear idea of what the online students can expect through the year. Print a copy, record the due dates of assignments in your personal calendar. Add reminders if necessary. Review the assignment instructions once the course begins and at the beginning of every week, start jotting down discussion topics, consult the grading guidelines and confirm the due dates.


  • Have the Right Expectations


Set your expectations right. Don’t think online college courses won’t do you any good or that they are easy. On the contrary, they are quite similar to regular colleges in terms of academic rigor. If you are under the assumption that online courses are easier than the regular college courses, you will be in for a surprise. It is also essential to note that numerous online programs take a full-semester’s worth of content and offer it in half of that time by doubling the pace of the course, so you have to be prepared for that too.


  • Talk to Your Professors


Just because you are learning online does not mean that you can’t interact with your teachers. In fact, they would appreciate you getting in touch with them for any kind of query or help. Most teachers keep open communication channels and give multiple contact details so that you can communicate with them easily regarding the course. Take advantage of that!


  • Stay Organized


Time management plays a huge factor if you want to complete your online courses on time in a successful manner. You need to stay organized from the very beginning. Writing down the due dates of the assignments in your calendar, creating notes and folders each week, keeping the coursework materials in one place are just some of the ways you can stay organized.


  • Assign a Dedicated Study Space


It’s easier to study and keep track of assignments, discussions, etc., when you are in a classroom. Online learning can be a tricky and it can get easier to get distracted or procrastinate. You can avoid this by having a dedicated workspace to study. Find a quiet place (not your bedroom), a steady internet connection and devoid of distraction. This will help you set the mood right for studying and you can get through the assignments quickly.


  • Interact with Your Peers


Pursuing a course behind the laptop screen doesn’t mean you can’t interact with your peers. Though you might study alone, remember that there are others who have also enrolled for the online course and are crossing the same hurdles as you are. Make an effort to interact with them early on in the course. An online student’s success also depends on building a relationship with your peers and instructors will help you have a rich and engaging experience in the course.


Online learning opens doors to you that weren’t possible earlier— you can choose a course in the University of your Choice, even if it’s a different country. Make the most of this opportunity and broaden your knowledge.


About Author: Making education simple and easy to comprehend is Dana Jandhyala’s forte. She’s had a long career as an educator where she has taught in several different schools and institutes in multiple countries. Today, she helps students with personalized online tutorials by MySchoolPage that help make concepts easy to understand, making learning fast and fun. She writes to help students study better, and to coach parents so they can facilitate the success of their children.

Published:  October 25, 2017