As a student, you have a unique opportunity to travel. You have few commitments and responsibilities, and a lot of time off. However, with university more expensive than ever, many students are holding back from traveling as much as they would like. Then, unfortunately, most miss out altogether. Once they graduate and enter full time work, and perhaps have a family, the chances to travel reduce, or are replaced by family holidays. Traveling on a student budget might take a little planning and organization, but it’s by no means impossible. Follow these tips, and make the most of the chance to travel while you’ve got it.

Travel Out of Season

One of the best things about university is the sheer amount of time off you get. You’re not tied down to school holiday times, where traveling can be much more expensive.  If you are studying online, perhaps an online LLM degree, you don’t need to stick to any time tables. You could even study your LLM degree on the move. Just moving your plans forward or back a few weeks can save you an incredible amount.

Avoid Tourist Spots

Tourist spots can be ridiculously expensive. And they don’t always give you an authentic experience. Stay clear of the main holiday spots to save a lot of money and a get a true experience of local life. To save more money, avoid large restaurants marketed towards tourists and instead eat at smaller venues the locals love, or even learn to prepare local cuisine yourself.


Large hotels are expensive. If you can manage without the luxuries, try some hostels instead. Look online at reviews and recommendations before you book, and be sure to stay safe.


Volunteering while you travel is a great way to see the world on a budget. Get put up for free in exchange for helping the local community. Double check before you sign up that any work you will be doing is ethical, and the accommodation is safe.

Get Student Discounts

Student discounts are available all over the world. An international student identity card can help you get discounts on transport and accommodation, as well as on things like restaurants and store purchases at your destination.

Book Ahead

Booking your holiday in advance can save you money (as can late deals). But, did you know you can book other things before you leave, too? Buy a public travel pass for your destination online before you travel for some great savings. Then book tickets for any attractions you want to visit, too. Some cities offer discounts if you want to see more than one thing, so plan ahead and do your research.

Seeing the world can be a wonderful opportunity, but remember you don’t need to see it all at once. Instead of spending months traveling, you may choose to do it in small instalments throughout your studies and beyond. Make a list of everywhere you would like to see, and start ticking them off. After all, you’ve got the rest of your life to complete your bucket list.
### February 13, 2017


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How to Travel on a Student Budget