Online Learning Can Be Improved Greatly by Colleges
Course Design

There are five different ways that colleges are working in order to improve online learning.
The first way is to use the course design to motivate the students. This motivation should lead to learning. The relaxed environment will make easily accessible help so that the students can feel safe to engage in the conversation. Some ways that the college can challenge the learner to recall some of the knowledge that they have learned is through word problems, essays, short answer questions, and multiple choice tests. But it is important that the educators think out of the box like using games that come with the resources and help in order to allow the students to progress effectively in online college. There should be sections of the course that incorporate the games into the learning.


Communication Channels

The second way to make sure that you create some open communication channels for the students. This is one of the most important aspects of going to online college. When the students run into any problems with their studying, then they need to be able to send an email to their professor no matter what time it is. They should also be able to call at any time. The communication at all hours of the day is one of the biggest benefits to going to college online. Course Hero has designed resources for help like live chats and instant messaging with quick response times. This makes sure that the online college students will be able to get the answers to the questions that they have in a timely manner.



The third way is to make sure that you use all of the new resources and encourage the online students to use these resources. Some of these resources might include 24/7 services like Smarthinking, electronic libraries, adaptive learning, and a curriculum that is based on games. These resources have changed a lot in the last five years so the resources can improve the access to these resources. You might also be able to get tutoring, writing labs, citation engines, and tutorials on how to research. All of these things can improve the design of the online courses. Since the library resource will be available online, then the person does not have to leave their house or wait for the library to open in order to do their research.
Online Tools


The fourth way is through the student learning. There are a lot of powerful tools from Google that can enable the teachers and the students to collaborate with each other. This means that the learning environment will be very seamless that will extend the education beyond the classroom. Therefore, the students can share information with their tutors and be able to get feedback whenever they need it. The online portal is going to work like a sheet of the paper online where the teachers and students can access the content from any of their devices at any time. The information can be shared in the form of documents, videos, text, and images. This means that the students have a better chance of passing all of their online college classes.
Marketing and Promotion
The fifth way is to use marketing and promotion to attract some of the students to attend an online college. It is very important that the website for the college is very easy to navigate. This is because it is the first impression that the student is going to get from the college. Another way to draw in the students is through social media. Then the website can see which one of the classes that the students are going to enjoy them the most and try to market these classes to that particular student. Google analytics is another way to see what the students are looking at so that the website can reflect this information on the landing page. This is based on the pages that get the most hits.