Do you have nightmares as you prepare for you finals? This is for you!

The changing times and immense competition has increased the pressure, stress, and anguish on the students to do well in all classes. The methods and approach of every education system is also changing with improving times and all they want from students are more grades and top scores. This is because the essence of intelligence is transforming to bookish knowledge.

Let’s look at few exam tips that students can use to get through their tests with good grades:

Organize a study time

Every student should start preparing for their exams well in advance. A proper subjected, color-coded, timely and well-planned study schedule needs to be followed. This will be helpful because there will be less/no last minute subject/topic learning, every concept and topic is already covered and understood.

Know your test

Its always better to understand the type of exam paper you going to sit for. Is it going to be long essay questions or multiple choice or open-book exam? How much worth will each question be? Will there be choice of questions? What marks-grading is allotted to each subject/topic?

Frequent breaks

This is always, always important. You need to keep your brain fresh and open for it to absorb so much knowledge and content. Taking breaks frequently helps a lot and the best breaks need to be quiet and calming. Stealing away for quick walks or sitting in an open airy place can be helpful.

Join study groups

Always useful. These groups help you to approach a concept/problem differently. It also helps your mind grow (expand, to be precise) as you start applying contrasting techniques to understand your question in an improved manner.

Review your progress

You have to examine your progress time to time as this well help you analyze your strengths and weak points. And, as soon as you see your weakness then you have to immediately start working on it.

Don’t cram your brain

Its a habit that we follow when we study, we try to stuff our brains with every important point or method possible. This is a wrong approach. You should absorb slowly but impeccably as this helps you in recollection later.

Create flash cards
This can be your pre-exam tip and should be used in your revision period. Flash cards always help as they are quick to review, pointers are easy to remember and glued to your memory. To add to this, try to get your hands on the best practice question books. If you are looking to grab discounts on your academic books, check out GrabOn’s books and media coupons.

Three important tips:

  • Review past exam papers throughly.
  • Analyze and try to simplify the questions given on paper, streamline the concepts that can be mentioned as answers the jot down the points.
  • Keep your cool, think it through to find the proper solution and do not panic.

Now, all you need is an “all the best” and I hope you do great in your exams.

Author Bio:

Ankita is an editor cum writer with an education background of mass communication and journalism. She is passionate about dancing, fanatic about shoes and avid fashion follower. She always yearns to learn new things to widen her knowledge. All her interests helps her contribute more to her company GrabOn, where she manages content and branding.

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