One of the most important times in your life will be the years you spend in college. This is a special period which will be crucial for your future and will help you understand better who you are and what do you want to do from now on. When you are in college, however, you will be on your own and, therefore, will be responsible for the cleaning and preservation of your dorm room. It is important to be organised and present yourself as a serious person not just with your studies but also with the organisation and maintenance of your temporary home. If you learn to be responsible and organised now, you will be able to deal with all your other tasks easier and faster.

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Your presentable look will help you in many ways. Learning to maintain your dorm room clean and well organised will make you take your other responsibilities also more seriously. If you keep everything constantly clean and nicely arranged, you won’t be distracted and will be able to focus on your studies easier. You will certainly have to deal with a lot of things when you are in college, including tests, writing papers and various assignments, so it will be better for you, if you learn to distribute your time properly. In order to be able to cope with everything, you can create a schedule about your cleaning obligations and your studies. If you do that, you will feel immediately the benefits of looking clean and organised. We can tell you more about the main ones below.


  • Making a good impression – Maintaining a presentable look will help you make a good impression. When people see that you take all of your responsibilities as a student seriously, they will understand that you are a person who deserves to be trusted. You will be confident in your good looks and this, on the other hand, will help you find new friends faster.


  • Learning to take care of yourself – There is one very hard thing for the majority of young people who go into college, and that’s the fact that they have to take care of themselves from now on. Instead of panicking, it is best to focus and create a list with all of your tasks, along with a schedule, which will help you get used to everything faster. This way you will be also certain that you won’t miss something important.


  • Showing that you are a dependable person – The good appearance can open for you a lot of doors. The first thing that people will notice about you is the way you look, so make sure that they see you as the grown and dependable person who you actually are. It’s not just about your look but also about the clothes you have. If you don’t have enough time to decide what to wear each morning, we suggest that you prepare your outfits the previous evening. This will save you a couple of minutes in the morning and will give you the time to fix any problem.


  • Coping with all of your tasks and studies on time – Following your schedule each day will make you feel confident that all of your tasks, even the cleaning, receive maximum attention from your side. You might think that this is insignificant in comparison with your studies and other obligations, but the truth is that the cleanness of your room can influence your abilities to study. Doing all of your college projects in a clean environment will increase your creativity and will make you feel more comfortable. As you can see even the simplest things can be important for your good performance in college.

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The Benefits of Looking Clean and Organised in College