Most students live their college life, petrified and fretting about what the future holds for them. From getting a good job, sometimes moving to a new place and to top it all, the loans they have to pay back. The pressure is however immense but it is not worth ruining some of the best years of life. There are ways to at least rid you from one of biggest problems mentioned above; yes, the repayments of your loan a bit easier and faster than usual. We know that most students are not very optimist when it comes to repayment of their college loans, but there are a few things they can do on their own.

Here a few tips to manage your student loans and help you keep you a little less worried. This plan will need time to work, but everything at first seems slow and weak but in the end, it’s you who will make it work.

1. Strategize:

Whenever you apply for loans, make sure you research about it thoroughly; knowing all about your loan is very important before you plan to do anything. Note down every detail from the loan program you’re opting for. There are sometimes hidden terms and conditions that people sometimes ignore; this can cause problems for you later. Don’t ignore all the paper work or even the minutest detail you receive. Don’t skip the counseling sessions provided by federal loan providers, this is provided to help you know about repayment and your rights. Now that you know the nature of your loan, now look up for loan relief programs and companies that can help you manage your loans in a timely and feasible manner. There are various programs offered by the government, like the income based repayment plan which can easily help you repay your federal loans easily. See if you qualify for any of these programs and plan accordingly.

2. Loan Deposit Account:

Since you now have a clear idea about the type, conditions and characteristics of your loan. Start saving for it early; you have a loan to pay so keep your budget with that in mind. The best way to do this is to save some money aside from your normal expenses. If you think you are not good at saving open a bank account and put your loan savings there. By the time, you’ll start paying off your loan you will have some money at hand to do so.

3. Start off early:

See if your loan provider doesn’t have any conditions regarding prepayment. If not, then start paying your loan while you are still studying. This will help you in avoiding huge amounts of interests and is not added to your final balance, leaving you with more to pay than you have actually lent. We know the sooner, the better; so start earning early in order to have money for your loan and other expenses. There is no such rule that you can only start earning after you finish your studies, start with easy freelance job which can be managed along with your studies. There are several volunteering opportunities in public service industry having benefits like; clearing off some(if not all) amount of your loan in return for your services.

4. Avoid Private loans:

Although private loans may seem to attract you with the help they provide for a certain time but it’s best to avoid them. Unlike federal loans, private loans come with problems. They are hard to payback and there is hardly any relief provided to repay them easily. However, federal loans come with benefits attached and have many programs that ease up your loan load.

5. Make it quick:

If you have the money then repay your loans first. See if your crediting company has policies other than monthly payments for a quicker repayment. Apart from a monthly payment monde, some companies provide you with a bimonthly option. This mode of reimbursement releases you from heavy interest and also gives you a month where you don’t have to pay for your loans.

These few easy and totally practical tips can help you save a fortune because you will not owe much for a very long time. While student loans will confine you to minimum facilities, you will not be able to live your life debt free. The quicker your loans are repaid, the more liberated you will feel.

Author Bio:  Sarah is a passionate blogger who is dedicated to help students with their financial issues.


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